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Humanely and safely removing offending animals is the first step in dealing with wildlife issues responsibly. We use both mechanical and chemical methods to remove nuisance species. Always leave the handling of problem animals to a licensed, certified and insured professional. Do not approach, corner or attempt to capture any animal without the proper equipment and experience. One bad decision could result in serious injury and tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses.


Once problem animals are removed, excluding them by properly sealing the home is essential to ensuring no further entry occurs. It is a common mistake to only address a single entry point. A proper exclusion will address all current entry/exit points, in addition to any potential ones. The proper approach will depend upon species, architecture, building materials, landscaping, etc. Proper exclusion work is not a job for handymen or contractors, as they simply do not have the licensing, certification, training or knowledge to seal up the home properly against animal entry.


Once problem animals have been removed and the structure is properly sealed, the formerly occupied space must be sanitized and treated. Animals leave behind feces, urine, body oils and pheromones. These scent trails are beacons, drawing every animal in the area to your space, even different species. Animals also carry parasites and other insects with them that can then infest your space. For these reasons, as well as the health risks that are associated with animal occupation, it is very important that the space be treated and sanitized professionally. This will allow for a clean and chemically neutral environment going forward.


Rodent Control

Baiting programs/Recurring Services

Rodents procreate at incredible speed. They will often "outbreed" conventional control methods. The average consumer simply cannot keep up with their breeding cycle using off the shelf products. As such, there is no "one time fix" for rodent issues. The population must be reduced and controlled to ensure that rebounding is impossible. This is done through baiting programs and food source management, done on a recurring basis.


 Pest Control

Food Source Management/Recurring Services

Simply put, general pest control is the single most effective service to have in place, both before and after any wildlife issues arise. General pest control limits and controls the food sources at the bottom of the chain, reducing the likelihood that larger animals will be attracted to the space. It also puts a chemical shield of sorts around your property, signaling to insects and animals that the space is not welcome to them. Any one who can afford pest control should have it, as not having it often incurs larger expense over the lifetime of the property.

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A detailed, thorough inspection is key to solving any issue. We offer full inspections, including both attic and crawlspaces. Once we have completed your inspection, we can then implement a comprehensive solution to rid you of your wildlife issues. Give us a call today!

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                   About the Owner

W.R. Covert

Wildlife Biologist

W.R. Covert was born and raised in Richmond, VA. After high school, he then attended Middle Tennessee State University, graduating with a degree in Environment and Human Society in 2005. That same year, he began working with animals professionally while employed with the U.S. Forest Service. He then continued gaining skills and experience while working with the fastest growing wildlife management company in the U.S. Using this base of knowledge and experience, he founded Commonwealth Wildlife Management, in October of 2017.

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